Hunt for Treasure in Your Moments

Conjure one of your most crisp memories. I suggest a positive one — I’m not looking to send anyone into emotional turmoil here. Pick a moment that seared itself into your mind so vividly that you can travel back to it anytime and still feel absolutely present in it.

The moment you choose does not have to be dramatic or particularly emotional. It does not have to be high-action or suspenseful. I can be any of these, but most importantly it must be clear and detailed, must live in your gut.

I bet the moment stays with you first and foremost because of the sensory inputs associated with it. This is why travel impacts us so much – it exposes us to brand new sensations. When we travel the unfamiliar reigns. We lose our complacency and regain a bit of our childhood awe at life’s possibilities.

Something valuable lies hidden in your vivid moments. The moments stuck because they bore revelations. They helped direct your growth.

Unearth a Revelation from your Moment

What did you come to understand in the moment? What became clear to you? Why has this stayed with you? Even a small awareness of the world sparked in your heart merits identifying and treasuring.

Make three columns. On the left, list several of your vivid moments-in-time. In the middle, describe as many specific concrete details as you can remember about the moment. In the right-hand column, try to put into words the revelations hidden in each moment. Did you figure out something about yourself? Others? Time? Relationships? Fragility? Sacrifice? Discipline? Colors? Food? Play? Letting go?

Feel free to share one of your moments – and its associated revelation – in the comments section! (Stick to comments that would be acceptable in a professional environment. I won’t authorize anything uncouth.)


About Lesley Clinton

Lesley's poems have appeared in the 2016 Houston Poetry Fest Anthology, the 2017 Texas Poetry Calendar, Sakura Review, Haiku Society of America members anthology, Euphony Journal, Frogpond Journal, and others.
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