Imagine building a collection of well crafted poems that will both document your family’s history-in-the-making and communicate your insights about that history long after you are gone.  Hearth Bard offers guidance and inspiration for any who want to try their hand at chronicling through poetry. It’s kind of like scrapbooking with an emphasis on word art rather than photos alone. Writing allows you to immortalize not only the images present in any given moment, but also your unique take on life as it unfolds around you.

You can put as little or as much time into your hearth poems as you like. This site offers:

  • writing prompts to ignite your imagination
  • mini-lessons on the craft of poetry
  • optional practice applying various poetic techniques to your pieces
  • examples and links to masterfully written hearth poems
  • opportunities to share your own work and, if you like, receive feedback
  • connection with others enjoying similar poetic awakenings, and
  • ideas for preserving, presenting, and sharing your word art with others.

Who is behind this undertaking? I’m Lesley. I have a bachelor’s in English, a master’s in teaching, and years of (surprise!) teaching English under my belt. My current jobs include mothering, technical writing, freelance journalism, copywriting, and tutoring. My poems have appeared in A Handful of Stones and Laurels–The Literary Magazine.

I hope you will join me in taking this small step to infuse poetry back into our culture. If nothing else, write to reflect, to gain perspective; you will find yourself listening more intently to yourself and others. This site will encourage you to practice expressing yourself clearly and artfully. Poetry can brighten your home. What better way to celebrate the warmth of your hearth than to craft your own word art?

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