Your Hearth Bard Attributes

What qualities will you seek to foster in yourself if you pursue this hobby?

A Hearth Bard…

  •  Recognizes the impact of her words on her family and community.
  • Values his own thoughts and devotes time to letting them blossom.
  • Listens in times of quiet and cacophony.
  • Yearns to express the divine pulse in life’s mundane and grand moments.
  • Gathers details, the seeds of poetry, by developing a habit of grateful awareness.
  • Seeks wisdom by attuning herself to the words and actions of those she respects.
  • Accepts his human dignity with thanks and humility.
  • Distances herself increasingly from the urge to employ words for destructive causes.
  • Develops the ability to express himself through study and practice without allowing pressure to squelch the joy of writing.
  • Writes. Revels in language.
  • Exalts truth.

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